Short biography

First, Middle and High School in Turkey.

1980 coming to Germany

1983-1995 Technical High School in Cologne / Germany

1985-1990 University of Paderborn

1987-1990 Chairman of the foreign students at the Association of ASTA

1990-1994 Mechanical Engineer / Systemadministrator

1990-1995 Founder and Chairman of the Association of Turkish engineer

1994-1995 Majored in Economics and IT

1999-2009 Founder and CEO of German and Turkish Association Forum

1995-2010 General Manager of PentaNet GmbH, IT System integrator

1998-2010 General Manager of PentaTel GmbH and GlobalTel GmbH, Telecommunication.

2004-2006 Founder and Vice President UETD in European
Uetd: Union of European Turkish Democrats e. V. was established on request of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan. 10 of 40 representative offices in Europe

2009-2013 Vice President of DITIB. The Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs. Management of all mosques and projects in Germany'
Ditib: Ditib was founded on 05.07.1984 in Cologne under civil law for the coordination of religious, social and cultural activities organized in their clubs as a nationwide umbrella organization. There are over 900 mosques in Germany. Ditib is the largest membership organization of migrants in the Federal Republic of Germany and Europe. Ditib is a recognized member of a religious and social objectives in the Federal Republic of Germany. And he is an important pillar of society. According to surveys, the Ditib represents over 70% of Muslims living in Germany. 4.2 million muslims live in Germany. Ditib builds new mosques and modernize existing mosques. The biggest and most modern mosque is in Cologne .

1998-2017 Founder and ceo and president MÜSIAD Germany and Müsiad NRW
Müsiad: Independent industrialists and businessmen Association Müsiad has offices in 170 countries. Müsiad is one of the largest business association in Turkey

2017 One this moment i'm Chief Project Officer ( CPO ) from Genius Capital Global for investment in Turkey and responsible  for all investment in Infra,Industry , Energy,telecom and internet and Property's .